Visual Inspiration Board

Hey, awesome readers! I am back with this super quick post and book update. As you know (on may not know) during my last update I revealed that I had a title for my WIP (work in progress) 'His Forever'.  Since that last post, I have added several chapters, currently at 16 chapters yay! and the … Continue reading Visual Inspiration Board

An Update On My Progress…

Hi lovely awesome readers! I have finally gotten around to adding several chapters to my project and I feel very happy about my progress.  Last time I gave you an update I was about 9 chapters in and I am so excited to say that I have added two chapters with the creative juices already … Continue reading An Update On My Progress…

The writing process…

I've often wondered what is the writing process of authors.  How do they come up with the stories they write.  Do they pick a topic first? Does the idea just come out of thin air? Do they see something that catches their interest? Do they draw inspiration from art, nature, life? For me - an … Continue reading The writing process…

Is it writers block?

Hi fellow readers! (and authors) After a what seemed like a very long week with a horrible stomach bug I am back to the blog to share my progress on the writing project I am working on. So for the past several months (probably close to a year) I have been working on a new … Continue reading Is it writers block?

A Gift For Readers

With all the activity around Christmas and trying to figure out what to get who - I ask myself this question "Do people gift books anymore?" I actually have not received a book in years, and I haven't given one as a gift in years as well.  Sure I have given children books as gifts because I … Continue reading A Gift For Readers

Know the kind of reader you are!

Hey all! I recently came upon this - a personality quiz from I thought it was a really cool quiz and tool for all of us avid readers. I personally have a wide range of interest when it comes to romance. I usually will read anything that falls under romance. I've read historical, science fiction, … Continue reading Know the kind of reader you are!

2016 Reading Challenge

Hey, happy readers! Welcome to a new week! With a new week comes seven more days full of possibilities to read a bunch more books...hehehehe.  This week I decided to join in on the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge before the year is out.  I have challenged myself to read ten books by December 31st! Yes- … Continue reading 2016 Reading Challenge

Sharing my favorites

I'm always curious to see what other people are reading especially when it comes to romance. I have added a couple of books to my "Books to Read"  tab. I think out of all the books that I have read my favorites are definitely time travel romance. From all the books I've read in this genre … Continue reading Sharing my favorites

First blog post- Getting back to writing

This is the excerpt for your very first post.