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A Spirited love and spirited passion…

Izobelle Montgomery was the only daughter of a very rich rancher. A vision of perfection, poise, and untarnished beauty in a rustic landscape, she was wanted by all the men within a thirty-mile radius. Well guarded by her greedy father; Izzy was destined to marry a man she had never met. But her spirit and fight for what was right didn’t let her accept the path her father had so callously planned for her. She was determined to find a way out of the upcoming marriage. She would not be used as a business strategy. Izzy decides that the best course of action is to leave the ranch at the first opportunity. But how would she do it and who would help her …?

Mark Horton had never laid eyes on such a beautiful woman and knew nothing about her. All he knew was that he must help her escape what she was trying to run from, even if it meant making an enemy out of a powerful and influential man. A desperate need takes over the level headed man and the young damsel in distress, creating a whirlwind love.

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