The writing process…

I’ve often wondered what is the writing process of authors.  How do they come up with the stories they write.  Do they pick a topic first? Does the idea just come out of thin air? Do they see something that catches their interest? Do they draw inspiration from art, nature, life?

For me – an idea just pops into my head and I can see the entire story unfold in my mind.  It’s like watching a movie from beginning to end.  The closest thing I can compare it to is like a complete rough draft just floating in my consciousness.  I don’t say – I would like to write about X, it’s more like the story dictates to me how it will be written. Does that make any sense? That’s how it was with my first book. That’s how it is for a couple of projects I have begun but not finished.  But with this new project (which I happen not to even have a title for!) I don’t know the entire story (plot). I’m actually letting this one develop and just go places that I have not gone before, especially with the setting.  Unlike my other projects that have been in the genre of contemporary, this one is more closely categorized as Sci-Fi fantasy Romance (a mouthful I know!) The setting is an entirely new world that I have to construct on paper. And this is hard!

But I have found inspiration in artwork from different artist such as Anne Stokes.  The feature picture in this post is her property. I love her artwork and would be honored if I would be able to get one of her dragon art pieces for the cover of this book.

Getting back to the writing process- I would love to hear how others write their stories! So drop me a comment below I love to hear from readers and writer!!!


Visual Inspiration Board

Hey, awesome readers! I am back with this super quick post and book update.

As you know (on may not know) during my last update I revealed that I had a title for my WIP (work in progress) ‘His Forever’.  Since that last post, I have added several chapters, currently at 16 chapters yay! and the story is developing quite nicely and quickly.  So much so that a spin-off is for sure in the works.

Bigger new still is that I got a giant step and hired a professional cover artist! Can you believe that! She did an awesome job and she was so professional. I hope to have a cover reveal sometime later this year, maybe during the fall.  Tricia really helped me out and was very patient with me. Guys I really had no clue as to what I was doing when requesting a cover. All I knew was that I loved her work and was so excited that she agreed to work with me.  Her input with the whole cover process was invaluable! Ok enough gushing over her – she is totally going to think I am a weirdo- I’m not a weirdo just a fan!

Moving on the other book business – I am now on Pinterest!  Have any of you ever used Pinterest boards as inspiration boards? The possibilities with Pinterest are limitless! I have three Pinterest accounts. One for my lifestyle blog, one for personal use and this newest one for my author site.  I use Pinterest for just about any idea that pops into my head. I don’t have to collect paper and create boards like in the old days. All I do now is look up a topic – for example dragon shifters and all sorts of pictures will come up.  I invite you to check out my ‘Inspiration for His Forever’ board, and let me know what you think!

Until next time – and happy reading!!!!

An Update On My Progress…

Hi lovely awesome readers! I have finally gotten around to adding several chapters to my project and I feel very happy about my progress.  Last time I gave you an update I was about 9 chapters in and I am so excited to say that I have added two chapters with the creative juices already flowing for an additional chapter (Chapter 12).

My story has really taken shape and I have so many ideas and not enough time to just write them all down.  Time is always working against me.

For now what I can share of my book is that – it is Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance (I mentioned this in my previous post),  I may or may not have dragon shifters (still figuring this out), the story does not take place on earth (actually no mention if earth in the book, this might change), and a spin off is already developing for a second book to turn this into a series – The Dragon Talon Clan Series!

Oh –  I have not told you the best part! I now have a name for my book – “His Forever” The Dragon Talon Clan Series Book 1. So stay tuned for my next update!

Happy Reading!!


Is it writers block?

Hi fellow readers! (and authors) After a what seemed like a very long week with a horrible stomach bug I am back to the blog to share my progress on the writing project I am working on. So for the past several months (probably close to a year) I have been working on a new book. So far I have written about nine and a half chapters. The writing has been slow, mostly because of lack of time. Too many things and not enough hours in a day. And with the start of my lifestyle blog Ideas By Dalba (check it out if you have not already done so) I just haven’t been able to really sit down and write.

But as the weeks have gone by I realize I have been hit with what I think is a case of writer’s block. While I do know what I want to write, in a general outline draft sort of way, sometimes finding the exact words to convey my thoughts and ideas and a compelling story eludes me.  Basically, I just can’t find the right words to create this futuristic sci-fi rough backward world that I have started to construct for my characters. While my first book was a contemporary romance (some might classify it as a cowboy romance) I have taken my new writing in a completely different direction and entered a realm in which I have to construct every single thing down to the last detail from scratch. Sure this is fun! Of course it is! Otherwise writers would not write fiction, but it also presents it challenges. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with this totally new world and environment and then add a romance that will keep readers engaged.

So yes, maybe I do have a case of writer’s block because I don’t know exactly what lies at the next chapter of this project. I hope to have this completed in 2017. There is no set deadline for myself since I am self-publishing.  Some advice out there is that the cure to writer’s block is to push through and just keep writing (writing anything) but I think for me short pauses are helpful! I will keep you posted and hopefully, I can post soon that I have advanced and have double the amount of chapters then I had before!

Happy New Year! and Happy Reading!


A Gift For Readers

With all the activity around Christmas and trying to figure out what to get who – I ask myself this question “Do people gift books anymore?” I actually have not received a book in years, and I haven’t given one as a gift in years as well.  Sure I have given children books as gifts because I guess I think it still very important for kids to hold a book to feel the pages to experience everything about reading and stories.

But as adults … is it still important? I come back to the same issue of e-readers vs. books.  Personally, I still read a good old fashion book whenever I can. But to be honest, more often than not I read on a mobile device. The convenience of not carrying yet another item with me to work or in my purse, a purse that sometimes feels like I’m carrying bricks, but I digress, is motivation enough to just read an e-book.  This is not to say that I won’t love a book as a gift! And this gets me back to books as gifts – is this old fashioned? Is it a dying thing amongst adults? Or do you not gift books because maybe you do not know the person well enough to pick out a book for them (reading is often very personal to each individual’s tastes)?

How about you – would you prefer to get an actual book or maybe a gift card to retailers such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon so that you can purchase digital books?

I leave you with these thoughts. Happy reading, feel free to comment below.

XOXO~ Dalba

Know the kind of reader you are!

Hey all! I recently came upon this – a personality quiz from I thought it was a really cool quiz and tool for all of us avid readers. I personally have a wide range of interest when it comes to romance. I usually will read anything that falls under romance. I’ve read historical, science fiction, fantasy, erotica, suspense, paranormal and contemporary just to name some. Honestly, there are so many sub-genres of romance that there is something for everyone.  Categories can get quite complicated – for example under historical you also have regency, Scottish, medieval and victorian. When choosing books to read I go through phases. For several weeks I will only read one romance genre until I get my fill then I will read another genre and that’s how it goes. Eventually I do come back to genres. Currently I’ve been reading contemporary with a sprinkle of historical as you will notice from my to-read list on Goodreads.

2016 Reading Challenge

Hey, happy readers! Welcome to a new week! With a new week comes seven more days full of possibilities to read a bunch more books…hehehehe.  This week I decided to join in on the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge before the year is out.  I have challenged myself to read ten books by December 31st! Yes- this might sound like a lot to some of you. But to be honest I read pretty quickly averaging about 2.5 books per week.  Many people ask me how I read so fast?! Practice, practice, practice! I have always had a love for reading! And ever since my husband gave me a kindle (two to be exact) it was been easier and easier to just have a book at my fingertips.  Since I can also download the kindle app to my phone and computer – yup you guessed it, I can virtually have access to books anytime anywhere. How about you? Have you joined any reading challenges (currently or in the past)?

See below my progress so far! Happy reading!

Xoxo ~ Dalba

PS – I will try to update my reading challenge widget on a regular basis so all can see my progress!

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Dalba has
read 2 books toward
her goal of
10 books.

Sharing my favorites

I’m always curious to see what other people are reading especially when it comes to romance. I have added a couple of books to my “Books to Read”  tab. I think out of all the books that I have read my favorites are definitely time travel romance. From all the books I’ve read in this genre my absolute favorite is still Knight In Shing Armor.   Jude Deveraux writes a spellbinding love story that transports the hero and heroine through time in a timeless love story! If you have not read this book I urge you to do so.  She has so many books that just about any you pick up will be a treat! I would love to hear about what some of you are currently reading! I’m still putting together a list of books for my book club and would like to  add any suggestions you all might have!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO ~ Dalba


First blog post- Getting back to writing

After a long pause, I am getting back into the swing of writing. My site will be much more than just about my writing or the book that I already published ‘A Spirited Heart’  .  I am very excited to try my hand at an online romance book club of sorts.  Where I can read books with friends and fellow readers twice a month.  The idea behind this is that we read two books per month and get together online to discuss the book. I hope at least a few people will join me! If you’d like to join just head on over to my Facebook page!