I wish the day had more hours!

Hey all!

I’ve been out of the loop for weeks, with my author site! I’ve been working on so many projects at once that I honestly haven’t been able to keep up with my writing. My manuscripts have sat on my google drive collecting virtual dust- smh!

My other blogging site hasn’t fared well either! I had a mishap with godaddy and they hijacked my content. I lost three years worth of blogging that I am trying desperately to reconstruct. They were willing to help me out if I paid them an insane amount of money! I said – no thanks.

I’ve started a new venture as a certified Aromatherapist and things a looking good. I’ve been working on a new website which will include a shop and blog for my aromatherapy business.

Now I wish my days had more hours so I could get done all I want to accomplish. Next year I want to try and be a bit more focused so I’m not spreading my efforts over so many projects!

How do you cope with lack of time for projects etc.?

Catch you all soon and thanks for reading!


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