His Forever – Book Release!!!

It’s finally here! Guys after a long few weeks of not know what would happen with my book something really great has come about.  So If you follow my blog you know from my last post that I had a publisher and well she cancelled our contract. I was disappointment but I was also so relieved! In the end I did not feel like we were a good fit.

Anyway so here is what has happened over the last week or so.  I took a deep breath and decided to enter my manuscript under Kindle Scout.  For those of you that do not know what Kindle Scout is – it’s basically an Amazon company that gives unpublished authors a platform to put your work in front of readers and lets the readers decide if your work is good.  Kindle Scout reviews your submission and if they think that you are not half bad (I’m exaggerating this, you have to be good of course) they put an excerpt of your book up on their site

So here is what happened I submitted my manuscript and held my breath for two days while I heard back. Next thing you know I get an email from Kindle Scout that my book had been selected to participate in the program. The way it works is that once your book is selected Kindle Scout puts up the first chapters and readers have to vote on things like your cover and story of course.

Guys – I didn’t think I was going to make it this far! I was so excited just to know that I was selected, especially after I was essentially rejected by a publisher just weeks before. Here I am five days into my 30 day campaign and my book His Forever is still on the ‘Hot and Trending’ list!!!!

This was  huge surprise! Validation that my work wasn’t crap, well at least not the first two chapters anyway lol. I’m still crossing my fingers that I stay in the hot and trending list. But I still need your help. I still need readers to continue to nominate my book and continue to share it with friends/family and their social networks. And if you nominate my book you will receive a free pre-launch copy as a thank you! Here is my link to my campaign


Your nominations would mean so much to me and I would be truly grateful!


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