A bump in the Road…

Hey all!

Its time for a much needed progress report. So here it is I’m going to put it all out there. Last November I was super excited because I had a) a publisher and b) my manuscript was being edited by a professional. Well let me tell you how that went!

So I had to submit my manuscript in October, I was a few days late in submitting it because I had gotten sick. After a very long back and forth with the publisher of trying to set up a time to discuss my book (the back and forth was painful) she wrote me an email. To me an email was fine I guess. When I finally heard back from my publisher she said that my manuscript needed A LOT of work (I’m keeping it honest!) and that I would not be ready for a cyber Monday release. Hey I was okay with that. Better putting out a good book then garbage, right? Anyway so after about a month of the editor working on my book I get it back with edits. The edits were not really all that surprising, I actually expected worse.

I make the edits that were suggested and then I sent the manuscript back to the publisher. About two weeks later (might have been more) she gets back to me asking me if I had sent my manuscript back to her…. Um yeah! I started to worry. I had sent it to her weeks ago! This was my first red flag. She apologized and said that she was going through stuff in her day to day. Hey I understand that! We all have stuff. Then she went on to say that I should contact her cover artist.

Okaaay another red flag. Early on I had told her that I had my own cover already made. She apologized again and said that she wasn’t usually so forgetful. Anyway so here I am waiting to get my manuscript back for a second round of editing. I email her in December to see how things are going and she said that because of the holidays the editor had taken some time off but that I would hear back from them either right before the end of the year or the first week of January.

Well here I am, past the third week of January and I finally hear from her. She writes me a nice email to say that unfortunately she and the editor can’t figure out the direction of my book and that our contract is being canceled. To be truthful I was relieved because I was beginning to have major doubts about working with her but I didn’t want to sound like an a-hole and try to cancel the contract without actually giving her a chance. My gut feeling told me that we were not a good fit.

“I should have gone with my gut feeling!”

But here is the thing- editing is so expensive and she was offering a deal I could not resist and I didn’t have to give her any money up front. But still I should have listened to that inner voice that said that something was just not right and that this partnership/deal would not work out. What I had wanted from a publisher was someone more receptive (didn’t have to be warm and fussy) that I could forge a real writer/publisher relationship with. She wasn’t that. I mean she wasn’t mean or anything she was just not what I had in mind.

Anyway her last piece of advise was to have someone else read my manuscript. Someone that likes to read and can tell me their honest opinion. So if any of my friends, blog followers or fb page fans would like to read my manuscript and give me an honest opinion I would be truly grateful!

PS- Please share your thoughts. I wrote this post not to be harsh towards the publisher, but to be honest to all who read this.


**Coming soon my next project and why I have stopped writing (for now) my series “Dragon Talon Clan”**

13 thoughts on “A bump in the Road…

  1. Sandra says:

    OK so this is just like my experience with my TV publicist adventure. It’s so hard to trust people to begin with and then to be able to determine if you should go with your gut or not when you doubt them. Everyone promises the world and I know you have to take risks and back yourself as an investment but it’s a fine line between taking a risk and being taken advantage of. No advice but I relate!

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  2. Tasheena Nicole Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience! A better opportunity will come along… I think sometimes it’s hard not to go with your gut because it sometimes feels like fear.

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  3. nlampert says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m a writer as well so I’m always interested in learning about how the process goes for other people… it can be a long road so I really appreciate people like you sharing their stories so we can all have a better understanding of how these things work!

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  4. mandypo says:

    This is interesting to hear. I don’t know much about editors and how that relationship works but I hear they can suggest big edits to your writing. That’s too bad it didn’t work out but in a way it did work out like you said. Hopefully, this next step isn’t any trouble and you can continue to move forward.

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  5. nadaliebardo says:

    Well first of all that is a bummer! I am sorry to hear you put time and effort into hoping to get something back from them. Although you got a chance out of dealing with these people, it presents yourself with another opportunity of hearing different voices and opinions on how to improve it. I know it’s expensive but it will be money well spent once its finished and you’ll feel good about it.

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