Rounds of Editing

Hi all! I wanted to share my progress so far and the things I’ve learned.

My last update in September I was struggling to meet my publisher’s deadline. I ended up getting bronchitis and wasn’t able to submit my manuscript until six days after the due date. My publisher was cool about it, she let me know that I could submit when ever I wanted.

I have never gone through this process, I was super nervous about sending my work to a total stranger (the editor) but of course it’s just part of the process. Like all new writers I got even more antsy when I didn’t hear from my publisher after I had initially sent my manuscript.

So here we are a month later and after a week of trying to coordinate our schedules my publisher finally sends my manuscript back to me with edits. Guys I was fearful of even opening the email but I did. My greatest fear was that she would say that I was terrible and that my manuscript was garbage. She didn’t of course. She was very nice and professional and gave me the heads up that there were a lot of corrections. After seeing the corrections and comments I realize I’m terrible at punctuation!

I honestly thought it was going to be very bad (I think the publisher thought I would be offended) but I agree with most of the corrects and the suggestions made by the editor. Bless her heart she had to correct (or point out) the same issue over and over. Lol.

Anyway round one of editing is done. I’m not sure how long it will be before I hear back from my publisher, I don’t even know how many rounds of editing this manuscript will need. And as of now I don’t have a release date- and that’s okay! I rather make sure I publish a solid book and not rush a release. Will continue to update as the process continues. Catch you all soon!

Happy reading!


24 thoughts on “Rounds of Editing

  1. jdv1994 says:

    Congratulations! I am a fellow writer as well but haven’t gotten this far yet, I mainly write online, I don’t have anything really I want to publish yet but congrats to you on this big step it is amazing! Also, I suck at punctuation as well ;P

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  2. Jeuelle says:

    I can imagine how you felt in the waiting!! I’m happy that you received some constructive criticism and now you can perfect your masterpiece. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey!


  3. loisaltermark says:

    Congratulations- getting through the first round of edits is always the most nerve wracking part of the process! Though it can be tough to read criticism or suggestions, it seems like you have a great mindset about the edits. Good luck!


  4. Ariel Mosimann says:

    eek! how exciting! I am so sorry you got sick. Being sick is terrible but being sick and having a deadline would be awful! I am so glad it went well. Punctuation is super hard, there are so many rules! I am so gad it went well though!!

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  5. shannon says:

    So Proud of you!!! I don’t think I could ever be brave enough to submit any work. You’re super extra amazing for getting it done even while being under the weather.

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  6. Fatima Torres at MTME says:

    It’s not easy when you’re feeling under the weather. I know the feeling. This reminded me of my time as an assistant editor and I had a breakdown because I didn’t finish one of my blog posts for our retail publication. Sigh* It’s amazing how much we push ourselves, even when we’re sick.


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