Progress Update & Other News to Share!

Hi happy readers! So I have been awfully quiet for the last several weeks. I have honestly been super busy and just felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to share! I did have exciting things happening but I think I was hesitant to share because I did not want to jinx myself.

Sooooo let me start with the book progress and dets… I am currently well past chapter 30! But still have a little ways to go. My characters are still developing as each day goes by. So here is the bigger news… and one that I did not make lightly. I decided to go with a publisher.  I already know how hard it is to be a self published author, doing all the work on your own and trying to navigate by myself. This time I wanted to try something different.

After great self evaluation and talking to my husband I decided that I wanted to give a publisher a try. Mary (my publisher) offered me her knowledge, experience (she has published many of her own books as well as other authors) and support.  Secondly (and almost as important) there was no money upfront from my part.  I was always very weary of getting a publisher if I have to fork up some fortune, after all I am just starting out.

I have to admit I am still a bit nervous about this new relationship with the publisher. Its something completely new to me and I even have a deadline! The first ever (pretty scary). Since being in contact with Mary I have changed my manuscript (with additions, changes and even deleting several pages) several times… mainly because I am not sure if she will like my work. I believe that I have started to second guess what I am writing. I have written most of the book by now but I constantly find myself tweaking and rewording etc. Now I wonder if I will have my manuscript ready for the publisher in time (cringing!) Mary if you read this – don’t worry I will have it in time lol!  (Winks eye at all other readers!) But seriously I will 🙂

Whiff! Got that off my chest!  Honestly, I do feel the pressure right about now. With my deadline fast approaching and not wanting to let my publisher down (or myself) I ask that all of you send good vibes my way!




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