Is the Key to Writing – Reading?

Hey my awesome followers! We are one week away from the end of May – time seems to fly.  I don’t know if any of you know that I am an avid reader. I usually read (on my cellphone’s kindle app) about 3 to 4 books per month.  I have been reading  Sci-Fi futuristic romance to sort of gauge my work in progress (but mostly because I like the genre). Most of the books I’ve read are quite good.

Reading so much brings me to this posts topic- is the key to writing – reading? The answer in my opinion is YES! If you want to be a writer, an author, a blogger , a journalist anything that involves the art of writing you must first start by reading and reading a lot. Read as much as you can get your hands on. If you want to write detective stories then read as many as you can, if you like horror then read as many books as you can and see how others have perfected and constructed their stories. You will learn so much. It will not only be entertaining because it’s what you like, it will be educational and help you sharpen your skills as a writer.

Recently I downloaded a book from Amazon. I tend to read a few reviews before I download books. Most of the reviews for this book were not favorable. But I still gave the book a chance. I have found that in the past people have left negative reviews but when I read the book it turned out alright or better. And as an author I want to give other authors the benefit of the doubt and give their work a chance. Folks writing a book is not easy! 99% of the time it is a lot of hours of blood, sweat and tears! For many of us we are putting our ‘baby’ out into the world and hope that the world does not ripe it apart. Soooooo… I download the book, read a few chapters and the story starts to disintegrate and the reviews are spot on.

I learned so much from this book. Mainly – what not to do with my story as my story has similar elements. So the take away for me here was – give stories a chance even if the reviews are not good! The key is to read, everything- the good and the bad! The bad reveals the mistakes that you want to avoid, saving you heartache and headache in the long run. Was reading that book just painful – sure. Do I regret reading it? Hell NO! Because I read that disaster I have gone back into my ‘work in progress’ and have edited parts that I felt could use rewriting, reworking and clarification so my readers aren’t left as confused as those that read that other book. For the sake of that other author and for the sake of being brothers and sisters in writing I will not post the name of that book (or author) here.

Guys overall- always be kind to someone else’s work! Happy reading

xoxo~ Dalba

8 thoughts on “Is the Key to Writing – Reading?

  1. Chemady says:

    I totally agree with you. Its good to appreciate people’s effort to have come up with something to write about and also sharing that knowledge is not an easy task. You can only write about what you have learn/know. You can’t give what you don’t have.

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  2. Ellie Chan says:

    I loved this, It’s always good to read and engage your imagination and keep your mind active. I used to love English Literature class and reading Shakespeare (I apparently was the only one in my class who enjoyed Shakespeare!) I would always try to read the book before seeing a movie adaptation because of how much the two could differ and I wanted to see if my thoughts on the book matched the movie direction.

    Ellie |

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