An Update On My Progress…

Hi lovely awesome readers! I have finally gotten around to adding several chapters to my project and I feel very happy about my progress.  Last time I gave you an update I was about 9 chapters in and I am so excited to say that I have added two chapters with the creative juices already flowing for an additional chapter (Chapter 12).

My story has really taken shape and I have so many ideas and not enough time to just write them all down.  Time is always working against me.

For now what I can share of my book is that – it is Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance (I mentioned this in my previous post),  I may or may not have dragon shifters (still figuring this out), the story does not take place on earth (actually no mention if earth in the book, this might change), and a spin off is already developing for a second book to turn this into a series – The Dragon Talon Clan Series!

Oh –  I have not told you the best part! I now have a name for my book – “His Forever” The Dragon Talon Clan Series Book 1. So stay tuned for my next update!

Happy Reading!!


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