The writing process…

I’ve often wondered what is the writing process of authors.  How do they come up with the stories they write.  Do they pick a topic first? Does the idea just come out of thin air? Do they see something that catches their interest? Do they draw inspiration from art, nature, life?

For me – an idea just pops into my head and I can see the entire story unfold in my mind.  It’s like watching a movie from beginning to end.  The closest thing I can compare it to is like a complete rough draft just floating in my consciousness.  I don’t say – I would like to write about X, it’s more like the story dictates to me how it will be written. Does that make any sense? That’s how it was with my first book. That’s how it is for a couple of projects I have begun but not finished.  But with this new project (which I happen not to even have a title for!) I don’t know the entire story (plot). I’m actually letting this one develop and just go places that I have not gone before, especially with the setting.  Unlike my other projects that have been in the genre of contemporary, this one is more closely categorized as Sci-Fi fantasy Romance (a mouthful I know!) The setting is an entirely new world that I have to construct on paper. And this is hard!

But I have found inspiration in artwork from different artist such as Anne Stokes.  The feature picture in this post is her property. I love her artwork and would be honored if I would be able to get one of her dragon art pieces for the cover of this book.

Getting back to the writing process- I would love to hear how others write their stories! So drop me a comment below I love to hear from readers and writer!!!