Is it writers block?

Hi fellow readers! (and authors) After a what seemed like a very long week with a horrible stomach bug I am back to the blog to share my progress on the writing project I am working on. So for the past several months (probably close to a year) I have been working on a new book. So far I have written about nine and a half chapters. The writing has been slow, mostly because of lack of time. Too many things and not enough hours in a day. And with the start of my lifestyle blog Ideas By Dalba (check it out if you have not already done so) I just haven’t been able to really sit down and write.

But as the weeks have gone by I realize I have been hit with what I think is a case of writer’s block. While I do know what I want to write, in a general outline draft sort of way, sometimes finding the exact words to convey my thoughts and ideas and a compelling story eludes me.  Basically, I just can’t find the right words to create this futuristic sci-fi rough backward world that I have started to construct for my characters. While my first book was a contemporary romance (some might classify it as a cowboy romance) I have taken my new writing in a completely different direction and entered a realm in which I have to construct every single thing down to the last detail from scratch. Sure this is fun! Of course it is! Otherwise writers would not write fiction, but it also presents it challenges. It’s a lot of pressure to come up with this totally new world and environment and then add a romance that will keep readers engaged.

So yes, maybe I do have a case of writer’s block because I don’t know exactly what lies at the next chapter of this project. I hope to have this completed in 2017. There is no set deadline for myself since I am self-publishing.  Some advice out there is that the cure to writer’s block is to push through and just keep writing (writing anything) but I think for me short pauses are helpful! I will keep you posted and hopefully, I can post soon that I have advanced and have double the amount of chapters then I had before!

Happy New Year! and Happy Reading!


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