A Gift For Readers

With all the activity around Christmas and trying to figure out what to get who – I ask myself this question “Do people gift books anymore?” I actually have not received a book in years, and I haven’t given one as a gift in years as well.  Sure I have given children books as gifts because I guess I think it still very important for kids to hold a book to feel the pages to experience everything about reading and stories.

But as adults … is it still important? I come back to the same issue of e-readers vs. books.  Personally, I still read a good old fashion book whenever I can. But to be honest, more often than not I read on a mobile device. The convenience of not carrying yet another item with me to work or in my purse, a purse that sometimes feels like I’m carrying bricks, but I digress, is motivation enough to just read an e-book.  This is not to say that I won’t love a book as a gift! And this gets me back to books as gifts – is this old fashioned? Is it a dying thing amongst adults? Or do you not gift books because maybe you do not know the person well enough to pick out a book for them (reading is often very personal to each individual’s tastes)?

How about you – would you prefer to get an actual book or maybe a gift card to retailers such as Barnes & Noble or Amazon so that you can purchase digital books?

I leave you with these thoughts. Happy reading, feel free to comment below.

XOXO~ Dalba

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