2016 Reading Challenge

Hey, happy readers! Welcome to a new week! With a new week comes seven more days full of possibilities to read a bunch more books…hehehehe.  This week I decided to join in on the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge before the year is out.  I have challenged myself to read ten books by December 31st! Yes- this might sound like a lot to some of you. But to be honest I read pretty quickly averaging about 2.5 books per week.  Many people ask me how I read so fast?! Practice, practice, practice! I have always had a love for reading! And ever since my husband gave me a kindle (two to be exact) it was been easier and easier to just have a book at my fingertips.  Since I can also download the kindle app to my phone and computer – yup you guessed it, I can virtually have access to books anytime anywhere. How about you? Have you joined any reading challenges (currently or in the past)?

See below my progress so far! Happy reading!

Xoxo ~ Dalba

PS – I will try to update my reading challenge widget on a regular basis so all can see my progress!

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Dalba has
read 2 books toward
her goal of
10 books.

16 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenge

  1. Ola Broom says:

    Wow, 2.5 books per week! That’s pretty ambitious, but I know it can be done. I’ve been known to read a book in a couple of days. But it has to be really captivating – cause my attention span is extremely short. LOL!

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  2. dialkrista says:

    Holy smokes, that’s impressive! My goal is to read 10 books in the next year, but it sounds like I may need to ramp up that number! lol Congrats on setting such a big goal! Cheering you on from Nashville and can’t wait to hear how you exceed it! Get it, girl!


  3. oindrila98 says:

    Wow. I never really participated in reading challenge before. 😃 Seems pretty interesting. I once tried completing 5 books a week and failed miserably. 😛

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    • dalbacastrillon says:

      So do I! Well if you are looking for a quick romance Christmas read I recommend – A Pirate For Christmas (right now free on Amazon Kindle) I have a direct link to the book on my fb page. Happy reading!


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